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About Us_

Welcome to a brighter era for entertainment and gaming partnerships, where success is not just swift but also built to last.

Founded with a passion to elevate our beloved industry, we strive to be the catalyst for enduring marketing partnerships. In a landscape where many are hunting for quick wins due to current market conditions, not always keeping in mind brand needs, right KPIs, and the essence of thoughtful growth, we stand apart.

We cultivate sustainable, valuable, and long-lasting partnerships, brightening up the realm of entertainment and gaming. The explosive growth of this dynamic industry brings challenges, and we’re here to illuminate the path forward.

Our goal: brighten up the industry with packages above the standard, thoughtful calculated and fair investments, and perfectly matched partnerships between brands and rightsholders.

Why us_

Listening First

We prioritize understanding your needs before proposing any assets or brand partner. Your goals guide our approach, ensuring a partnership that's truly tailored to your vision.

Decades of Expertise

With a collective 25 years of experience spanning gaming, entertainment, and media, our founders bring a unique blend of perspectives from the Publisher, Tournament Organizer, Agency, Media, Team, and Brand sides. This extensive background sets us apart in navigating the intricacies of the industry.

We love our ecosystem

We've not just been a part of the gaming and esports ecosystem; we've introduced major brands to it through sustainable partnerships. Join us in weaving your brand seamlessly into the fabric of our beloved industry.

Trusted Network

Our founders are highly trusted individuals within the gaming and entertainment industry, boasting a network that reaches key stakeholders. This trust is the foundation of our ability to connect brands and rights holders with precision and credibility.

Our values_

Performance &

Striving for outstanding results and continuous improvement.

& Skill Mastery

Embracing new ideas, fostering continuous learning and developing individual skills.

& Trust

Upholding reliability, transparency, and integrity in all interactions.

& Well-being

Demonstrating sensitivity to others‘ needs and perspectives, promoting work-life balance.

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