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Dominic Müller and Marco Niemann founding Bright Up Agency

Two of the most renowned experts for Esports and Gaming partnerships, Marco Niemann and Dominic Müller, are founding their own sales & marketing agency. In collaboration with I3 Holding, the Bright Up Agency is born.

Both Dominic Müller and Marco Niemann represent some of the most prestigious and successful brand partnerships in the German-speaking and international E-Sports and Gaming ecosystem. Müller most recently served as Senior Director Global Partnerships Esports & Gaming at the market leader SPORTFIVE, and previously held positions at Riot Games and Razer. Niemann recently led the Global Partnerships team at G2 Esports, Europe’s most renowned and successful E-Sports team brand, following leading and management roles in the sponsorship team of the world’s largest tournament organizer ESL and the commercial department of the full-service agency Freaks 4U Gaming.

Bright Up Agency now focuses on the core expertise of its founders: acting as intermediaries between rights holders in the Entertainment, Gaming, and E-Sport worlds on one side, and both endemic and non-endemic brands on the other. The company is dedicated to traditional marketing work, emphasizing a commitment to principles that ensure objectivity. For instance, the agency aims to open up to selected rights holders for non-exclusive marketing deals, in order to provide brands with transparent and independent advice. The overarching goal is to build long-term, credible, and strong partnerships that bring added value to both sides and the community.

“In recent months, there has been extensive talk about the so-called esports winter, and there may be some who consider the timing for founding a sales & marketing agency as exceptionally poor. I am convinced of the absolute opposite; never before has there been so many opportunities,” says Dominic Müller. “It has never been more important to enable brands to establish valuable and sustainable engagements in front of the still fiercely contested target groups of eSports and gaming. Those who position themselves intelligently in the steadily consolidating esports market now have the chance to captivate entire subcultures and secure a lasting position in the ecosystem. Making the necessary connections – and that’s exactly where I see our strength.”

Another concern of the new venture is a progressive understanding of what the corporate culture of a sales & marketing agency can look like. As employers, they aim to redefine the balance between results-oriented and values-oriented approaches prevailing in sales circles.

“The idea of building something of our own and being able to shape it has certainly always been a dream of mine, which I haven’t realized for various reasons, perhaps because I lacked the right partner. When Dominic and I talked about this possibility, it quickly became clear that we have the same motivations and think very similarly. The fact that we have known each other for ten years and have always had a very trusting relationship made the decision even easier,” says Marco Niemann. “Our industry certainly hasn’t had the easiest months, but there is still incredible potential. Some consolidation was necessary and ultimately good for further positive development. Many opportunities are now emerging, but we also see the need for adjustments in rights packages, prices, and how partnerships are conceived. This is where we want to intervene and use our expertise and perspective on the way marketing is done.”

The two founders are supported by I3 Holding GmbH and getting access to several internal resources and expertise so they can fully focus on their core business.

Hendrik Ruhe, Co-CEO of I3 Holding, adds: “I have been working in the esports and gaming industry for over 11.5 years now. During this time, I have come to appreciate Marco and Dominic in various roles. They prioritize transparent and fair communication, fostering long-term partnerships. Additionally, both are visionary and responsible in the development of their team members, customer networks, and the projects they actively shape. Many companies in the industry have experienced significant growth and development thanks to these two individuals. Together with the resources, contacts, and other equally extraordinary individuals within our corporate group, Bright Up will play a significant role in some of the biggest success stories in the gaming and entertainment industry in the years to come.”
“I3 Holding’s main goal is to free up Marco and Dominic from all administrative tasks, so they can primarily focus on their core business.says Johannes Gorzel, Co-CEO of I3 Holding. “We have managed to win an absolute powerhouse duo for this joint project and are very confident they will set new quality standards for sales & marketing in the esports market.”