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Laurin Hußmann joins Bright Up Agency’s leadership team

Bright Up Agency is thrilled to announce the newest addition to our team, Laurin Hußmann, who will be stepping into the role of Head of Rightsholder Management & Creative Services. Since the very beginning, Laurin has been an integral part of our journey in finding the agency’s name, values and goals. With a solid background in sports management and communication, Laurin brings a wealth of experience from his previous roles, making him a valuable asset to our agency. 

Laurin holds a degree in Sport Management & Communication, showcasing his dedication to the field. His journey in the sports industry began at SPORTFIVE, where he initially worked on marketing concepts for various traditional sports such as football, basketball, and winter sports. His passion for innovation led him to transition to the Esports unit at SPORTFIVE, where, as a member of a small team, he successfully negotiated and finalized major partnerships in the Esports realm. 

His career progression at SPORTFIVE culminated in his role as the Rightsholder Manager for Esports, overseeing the DACH market and managing relationships with diverse Esports teams, leagues, and publishers. Laurin’s extensive experience and insights from both traditional sports and the dynamic world of Esports make him a perfect fit for his new leadership role at Bright Up Agency. 

Reflecting on his background in Esports and Gaming, Laurin expresses a deep belief in the untapped potential within the industry. He sees opportunities for unique implementations and partnerships, emphasizing the excitement of continued innovation. Laurin appreciates the sense of community in the Esports and Gaming ecosystem and looks forward to contributing to its long-term development. 

Marco Niemann, Managing Director & Co-Founder of Bright Up Agency, expresses, “We are very happy for Laurin joining the team right from the start. His extensive expertise, innovative mindset, and deep industry knowledge align perfectly with Bright Up Agency’s vision. Laurin’s arrival marks an exciting chapter for us, and we eagerly anticipate the dynamic contributions he will bring to our agency.”

In his new position as Head of Rightsholder Management & Creative Services, Laurin will play a pivotal role in fostering collaboration between Bright Up Agency, rights holders, and clients. In Rightsholder Management, he will act as the primary point of contact for rights holders, facilitating transparent communication and goal-setting. Additionally, Laurin will serve as the liaison between rights holders and the sales team, ensuring a seamless flow of information regarding changes, goals, and product enhancements. 

Within the Creative Services department, Laurin will lead efforts to transform strategies into tangible concepts. Working closely with the sales team and rights holders, he will develop proposals that align with clients’ needs and objectives. 

Laurin Hußmann, about his new role, “I am very excited to combine and develop my previous experiences in my leadership position at Bright Up Agency. I’m really looking forward to the dialogue with rights holders and brands and I’m convinced that we’ll be able to create meaningful partnerships in the future. 

Please join us in welcoming Laurin Hußmann to Bright Up Agency, where we look forward to achieving new heights together in the evolving landscape of Esports and Gaming.