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At Bright Up Agency, we believe in listening first, understanding deeply, and crafting partnerships that resonate with the unique needs of brands and rights holders. We don’t just offer partnerships; we co-create relationships that stand the test of time, ensuring value beyond the immediate.

Our process isn’t just about closing deals; it’s about building enduring relationships, where success is measured not just in immediate gains but in the sustainable growth of both brand and rights holder.


Needs Assessment

Dive deep into the specific needs, goals, and aspirations of both the brand and the rights holder.


Tailored Proposals

Craft personalized proposals that reflect the unique qualities of both parties, fostering a mutually beneficial collaboration.


Negotiation and Agreement

Navigate negotiations with fairness and transparency, striving for an agreement that satisfies both sides.


Performance Monitoring

Continuously monitor the performance of the partnership, ensuring it meets predefined KPIs and objectives.


Strategic Alignment

Align objectives, ensuring that the partnership strategically fits within the broader landscape of the industry.


Transparent Communication

Maintain open channels of communication, ensuring all aspects of the partnership are clear and understood.


Implementation Kickoff

Launch the partnership with a detailed plan, setting the stage for a smooth and effective execution.


Adaptation and Growth

If needed, adapt sponsorship deliverables and strategies based on real-time performance data, ensuring the partnership evolves with the dynamic industry landscap.

For Brands

Empowering brands to conquer gaming & esports in an authentic and suistainable way, Bright Up Agency brings forth comprehensive marketing solutions for brands who are interested in this amazing entertainment. Harnessing the dynamic force of esports & gaming, we connect your brand with a young and attractive target group during the peaks of their passion.
Our conviction in the transformative power of esports & gaming is unwavering. Leveraging our impressive expertise and extensive network, we offer brands unwavering support in achieving tangible results supported by data.

  • Craft tailored strategies aligned with your brand’s objectives, leveraging our industry expertise to pinpoint the most effective avenues for growth as well as authentic integrations in close collaboration with partnered creative agencies
  • Meticulously select the best fitting rights holder & partners, ensuring they seamlessly integrate with your brand identity and contribute significantly to your goals.
  • Harness the power of data analytics to provide actionable insights, allowing you to make informed decisions and optimize your marketing strategies.
  • Conduct thorough ROI assessments, ensuring every investment translates into measurable returns, making your marketing efforts not just impactful but also efficient.
  • Create unforgettable brand experiences within the gaming and esports community, fostering genuine connections and brand loyalty.
  • Develop impactful campaigns with agency partners that resonate with the gaming audience, amplifying brand visibility and engagement.
  • Maximize the potential of your rights portfolio by strategically leveraging assets within the gaming and esports ecosystem.
  • Continuously optimize rights utilization, ensuring that your brand receives the maximum exposure and value from every partnership.

For Rights Holder

Step into the future of gaming and esports partnership excellence with Bright Up Agency. As industry pioneers, we’ve set out on a mission to redefine the landscape for Rights Holders. Our approach is simple: listen, understand, and co-create partnerships that not only meet your goals but exceed them in a realistic way. Navigate the dynamic world of sponsorships and rights utilization with confidence, knowing you have a partner dedicated to maximizing your potential. Welcome to a realm where strategic collaboration and lasting value reign supreme.

  • Conduct comprehensive assessments to determine the true value of your assets in comparison with competitors & current market circumstances.
  • Develop pricing strategies that align with market dynamics, ensuring your assets are positioned for maximum value and attractiveness to potential partners.
  • Provide strategic consultation, leveraging our industry insights to guide your overall approach in forging impactful commercial offerings
  • Collaborate in the development of robust frameworks, creating a solid foundation for your brand partnerships and ensuring long-term success.
  • Actively drive brand partnership sales through our extensive network, connecting your assets with brands seeking meaningful collaborations.
  • Engage in proactive business development efforts, identifying and seizing opportunities to expand your portfolio and enhance the value proposition for potential partners.
  • Streamline and manage the administrative aspects of partnerships, ensuring smooth operations and optimal performance.
  • Administer partnerships efficiently, providing a seamless experience for both sides and ensuring that every aspect of the partnership is aligned with strategic goals.

German Games Market

Are female players
6- to 69 year olds play games
Are at least 18 years old
Find that games supporting mental health
Find that games are having an ever-increasing influence on pop culture
Are interested in retro games
Have already purchased pop culture goods related to games
Have used games for physical fitness